Full Circle Productions Member and keynote speaker Robert Richmond conducting a symposium on “Performing Shakespeare for the 21st Century” at the Center for Excellence in Classical Theatre Training at Oklahoma City University.

April 8, 2017



More about the Center for Excellence in Classical Theatre Training



The center serves to preserve the future of classical theatre training and helps to train the next generation of classical theatre artists. The vision for the center is based on 3 core aims:

  1. To create and maintain a professional resource base and network for educators and other interested professionals by establishing:
  • Formal links with allied professional organizations
  • International directory for classical theatre teachers
  • Website and discussion group


  2. To provide training and professional updating for classical theatre teachers by offering:

  • Refresher courses and further specialist training for established teachers of classical acting, voice and movement
  • Annual conference that focuses on work in the pedagogy of classical theatre training


3. To promote research and development in the field of classical theatre training by:

  • Establishing a journal, interCECTTions, for the documentation and dissemination of best practice across the spectrum